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"I love your customer service. No matter what you need someone is there to guide you and help you, and the Customer Service Team is so pleasant. There are so many options to assist in patient appointments."

Callpointe offers a full range of services like appointment reminders, recalls, mass patient messaging, no-show messages, and balance reminders. With Callpointe, you will receive the following benefits:

Multiple Delivery Methods: Your messages can be sent to patients by telephone, email, and SMS texting messaging. 
Seamless Integration with Your Scheduling Software:  Appointment information is collected automatically through your existing scheduling software. 
Flexible Messaging: You can use multiple messages for your practice, including unique messages in languages other than English for different types of appointments, locations, and providers.
Patient  Feedback: Patients can respond immediately to questions included in your messages and you can view these results on your online Callpointe dashboard. 

"We have had a wonderful experience using Callpointe for many years now. The staff is always polite and courteous. It takes the stress away knowing our patient's calls will be handled in such a professional way. Thank you." 

Why Callpointe?

Alleviates Pain Points 

Advance Technology

Customer Service 

Automated services can eliminate your current pain of contacting your patients. Callpointe has the latest technology for contacting patients which will alleviate staff complaints about making redundant telephone calls. 

Each Callpointe client has a dedicated Customer Service Representative, providing each client with a single point of contact. This provides a service expert that knows you, knows your practice, and knows your setup. 

Callpointe is always adapting to the latest technology and innovations, which is why Callpointe can offer a full range of services like appointment reminders, recalls, inclement weather, no-show and balance reminder messages. 

Appointment Reminders

Patient Recalls

Mass Patient Communication 

Our automated appointment reminder service allows anyone (i.e. physicians, dentists, therapists, etc.) who needs to contact their patients the ability to automatically message their patients with a personalized message. 


A patient can be individually contacted based on a specific provider request or a group of patients can be assigned a recall based upon a diagnosis, procedure, or visit date.

If you find the need to communicate with a large section of your patient population, we can help. Announcing any medically relevant message such as a flu shot clinic. Callpointe can get the message to your patients in a cost effective manner. Like all of Callpointe's services, you have the opportunity to create your own script for contacting your patients.

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